Spiritual Leader
                    Unity of Central Massachusetts

Kathleen Kerswig, affectionately referred to as "KK", has been the Spiritual Leader at Unity of Central Massachusetts since July 1, 2018. She is a Licensed Unity Teacher and is currently attending Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute to earn a Master's of Divinity degree. She is on track to be ordained as an ordained Unity Minister in June 2022.

KK is focused on being the best expression of God in all phases of Life. She thrives when facilitating classes, book studies, and workshops! Her Sunday morning talks are inspiring and focus on the practicality of applying spiritual teachings to enhance everyday life. Most of all, Kathleen is devoted to sharing the lessons she has learned along the way with as many people as possible.

KK is also a certified life coach, specializing in recovery coaching. She is available for one-on-one coaching sessions with people in recovery from addiction, family and friends of people in recovery, AND with anyone seeking to expand their spiritual understanding overall. Kathleen is devoted to helping people work through challenges, set goals, and achieve magnificence. KK is here to be of service, always!